Spider-Gwen Adam Hughes Variant shipping update!!!

Hi all! Just want to give a quick update. We should be all done with shipping out our Spider-Gwen variants in the next 3 days so if you have yet to receive a tracking number, no will arrive soon. We had 2 days of signings at the shop with Mr. Hughes so those days we were unable to ship but rest assured, we are working daily in shipping out as many packages as we can so they get to you safe and sound. We thank you for your patience and business!!! Hope you enjoy the books!!!!!



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Amazing Spider-Man 4 Campbell variants shipping update...

Hi All,


      First off we would like to thank anyone who supported us in our very first truly exclusive variant cover. It has been a tremendous success and could not have been done without thanks!!!


     As for shipping, we started shipping on Wednesday the 30th and will be working daily to get them out. Mind you we have a massive ton of orders and this is a 2 man operation so bear with us as we get these out to you safe and sound.


     Not to say this has not gone without some We are answering about 100 calls, 40 emails, message board posts, and facebook messages daily....Please realize that this just slows down the operation. The books are coming. Promise. Lol...



     Looking forward to the next one....

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First Post - A fresh start...

Welcome everybody. This is our new and improved website. It is still a work in progress as we are taking control of this aspect ourselves, but it is functional and will get you access to the coolest collectibles around. Please bear with us. The domain name will change back to in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy some of our coolest exclusives including our Amazing Spider-Man J. Scott Campbell variants and our exclusive Funko Pops of Metallic Harley Quinn & White and Gold Phoenix!!! Thanks so much for your support. We are truly excited about this and apologize for our old site clunking out. Enjoy!!!
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